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…ways I survived the Mental Health care system!

At age 40, Danné’s life turned upside down.  She went through a devastating divorce after sixteen years of marriage, sustained a concussion from playing women’s hockey, had her professional dental license challenged by a vindictive colleague, claimed personal bankruptcy, all in the span of six months.

After multiple “break-downs” and psychiatric hospitalizations, she was in desperate pursuit of answers as to why the medical community labelled her “Mentally Ill”.  Danné’s professional background and education in health care coupled with her passion for research led her down a path not yet revealed by conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.  In addition, over four years ago, her life literally stopped once again when her son revealed that he was a fentanyl addict; the most devastating news a mother could ever hear.

Danné shares her riveting story in the hopes that others, like her, discover better approaches and additional tools to achieve optimal brain functioning in their journey through mental health and addictions. 

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