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“I would not hesitate to recommend her services. Her friendly personality made me feel very comfortable.”

I met Danné through her Healing Centre in Rossland, BC in the spring of 2012 and attended Dr. William J. Walsh’s seminar on Nutrient Power in October 2013. As a result of learning this valuable information on my mental well-being, I decided to try the process of testing and working with medical doctors & nutrient coaches/consultants in Nutrient Psychiatry. In very short order, I became a totally different person! My severe mood swings were more manageable and tolerated especially by my inner circle of family and close friends .Funny thing was, I went off all the nutrients a few years ago and boy did my health suffer and go downhill quicker than I ever imagined!!! I realized that my health was on a runaway train going nowhere, so with haste, I went back on the nutrients and to this day, are still on them. These nutrients are so important for overall brain and body self-healing and maintenance. I’m so grateful to Danné and her colleagues for hosting seminars like these that are vital for our health & well-being.
Glenn H.
Trail, British Columbia
The past few years life has changed for a lot of us, myself a heart attack early 2020, the same time Covid 19 hit. Two months at home, not making a paycheck, bills adding up, vehicle repairs, more debt, uncertain about the future taking its toll. Anxiety was taking control of my everyday life. September 2022, a stress free five day vacation with loved ones was very welcoming! On returning home, the reality hit hard, the anxiety got worse, becoming debilitating at that time. Struggling to get through a work day, not able to tell family or friends about my struggles without breaking down. Chance or Fate, I met Danné with DandiLion Healing from the advertising she had about Mental Wellness on the side of her truck. After a first consultation, a brief questionnaire, I was presented with nutritional supplements to help with the imbalances in my chemistry. Within 2-3 weeks, a definite change occurred with NO SIDE EFFECTS!!! I am thankful for Danné at DandiLion Healing.
Kevin S.
Quesnel, British Columbia
In 2013, after seeing a poster at a local health food store advertising a Brain Health weekend workshop – ‘Nutrient Power’ by Dr. William Walsh, I signed up right away! Being an RN, with a strong family history of relatives with dementia/Alzheimer’s, I was very interested in his research. By 2015, it came in handy learning of this treatment. My father (80 yrs) was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, he lost his licence, he was getting “lost” going out for a drive or walk, he had trouble to write his name or fill out a personal cheque. We booked an appointment with Danné Mykietyn at DandiLion Wellness in Trail, BC, who sent his blood work to the Chicago Lab. The results showed undermethylation and zinc depletion from kryptopyrrole disorder. We actually took him to Chicago for assessment, where Dr. Judith Bowman and her team worked with us. He was started on a loading dose of zinc picolinate 75 mg daily with vitamin B6 (P5P) for one month then decrease the zinc to 50 mg daily. They then added their proprietary formula of metallothionein nutrient formula to his daily nutrients. Within a matter of weeks, we could see improvements, he could write his name again, read aloud, he could fill out personal papers, he could go for walks daily and not get lost or turned around, play Jenga, and win! His memory improved for ADL’s (activities of daily living) and he could follow conversations and contribute, often with a sense of humour. We saw first hand the positive effects of this nutrient therapy in our Dad. As this condition can be familial, myself and one sister have been diagnosed with zinc depletion, and are following Dr. Walsh’s protocols, after having his specific blood work done. Our Dad did not deteriorate cognitively or mentally for his remaining 4 years. Sadly, he died of rectal cancer February 3, 2019. With gratitude,
Karen Lees
Trail, British Columbia
Danné at DandiLion Wellness educated me and many others on nutrient therapy and the Walsh protocols. These help those with mental health challenges to embrace a better lifestyle with less reliance on heavy pharmaceutical treatments. Danné facilitated the screening necessary to pursue proper testing. She connected us with Dr. Vasil who had been trained by Dr. Walsh to order the appropriate lab tests for the testing required to identify deficiencies and imbalances of nutrients in our body chemistry. Then, Dr. Vasil was able to prescribe the correct supplements to help improve quality of life and in some cases lower the need for high doses of medications previously prescribed. In some cases people are able to wean off prescribed medications completely once the imbalances had been addressed. This offers those suffering with mental health challenges a chance at less side effects and for some, less or no more dependence on pharmaceuticals. Danné provided literature on supplements and foods rich in the nutrients pertaining to specific deficiencies and which nutrients and foods should be avoided so overloading of the bothersome minerals and vitamins is further avoided. She facilitated seminars and education for those interested in supplementing their medical treatment with a more holistic approach to overall health and wellness. My understanding is that my test results showed that I was undermethylated, I had a zinc deficiency (excess free copper), low thyroid and a pyrrole disorder. I had experienced depression, anxiety, OCD throughout my life starting in my teens and suffered a severe post partum psychosis after my third daughter. I was on much higher doses of my medications when severely ill and over time when my symptoms improved, I was able to reduce my medications. I still found however, that the dose that I was on for the anti-psychotic (Seroquel) left me feeling very tired throughout the day. This is why I was super excited to try nutrient therapy. With the nutrient therapy I have been able to reduce my anti-psychotic to a dose under the original starting dose and remain on a starting dose of the antidepressant to maintain a healthy balance. I am less tired and am able to live a more productive, fulfilling life. I believe I have better weathered some big storms in my life without having to dramatically increase these prescribed drugs because I have been faithfully taking the nutrient supplements. I am very grateful for having been introduced to nutrient therapy and the Walsh protocols by Danné, it has changed my life!
Amy J.
Trail, British Columbia
I had the pleasure of receiving a Holistic treatment from Danne where she gave me a head to toe session and she pinpointed my troubled areas. She shared her professional snd knowledgeable opinion on steps to remedy the troubled area. I would not hesitate to recommend her services. Her friendly personality made me feel very comfortable.
Barbara Porter
Quesnel, British Columbia
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