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Reflexology Calgary

Prevent migraines, induce better sleep and assist with physical recovery. Reflexology can also assist with urinary tract conditions and relieve depression, cognitive functioning and pain.

What is Reflexology and How Can It Help Me?

Reflexology is extremely beneficial on many different levels. It can induce a state of sleep and relaxation, prevent migraines and assist in urinary tract conditions.

Reflexology can also speed up recovery from physical injury and improve wound healing rates. It improves metabolism, relieves depression, cognitive functioning and pain associated with medical treatments for cancer and other conditions. It also soothes pregnancy pains and improves your overall emotional well being. We offer our Reflexology to people living in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Saturday & Sunday Healing Sessions

Booked by appointment only. Mobile services are also available for those that cannot get out of their homes due to mobility issues.


Refer three clients that book with Danné and receive a half hour complimentary session reflexology. $45 value

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