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The Battle Within

By: Josh Greenfield

The Battle Within   |   Print #3 

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Minimum Starting Bid $300 CAD

More About The Artwork & The Artist

The Battle Within tells the story of the MOOSE facing off with the WOLF during the ‘Blood Moon’ cycle on Mother Earth.  Blood Moon is Wolf’s power ally and is a symbol of psychic energy.  These powerful creatures of animal spirit medicine represent the ‘BATTLE WITH SELF’ and what side of yourself, dark or Light,  will come out the VICTOR!  It forces one to observe our Light & Dark sides or ‘Dark shadow of the soul” in our self-Healing journey.  It truly is a struggle for some and a delicate game of balance for each one of us living on the earth plane.

MOOSE stands for one’s SELF-ESTEEM and is found in the north portion of the Medicine Wheel which stands for WISDOM.  Knowing the wisdom of silence we can conquer our internal demons

Habits and addictions broken
Insights on our goals in this life
Attaining a new sense of self that you fought hard for harmonious pride
Celebrating one’s achievements and honouring those that assisted us in our self-healing journey

WOLF stands for the TEACHER, PATHFINDER AND “MOON DOG OF OUR SOUL”.  This powerful animal spirit medicine represents the forerunner of new ideas and returns to the CLAN or TRIBE to TEACH and SHARE MEDICINE.  In the great star nation, WOLF represents the Dog Star SIRIUS.  Sirius is thought to be the home of all the Gods  by Ancient Egyptians and by the Dogone Tribe of Africa.

WOLF MEDICINE wants you to turn deeply inwards so you can see the ‘TEACHER WITHIN”.  YOU are your SOUL’S FAMILIES greatest TEACHER!

Written by Danné Mykietyn & Josh Greenfield

For more art by Josh Greenfield follow on his facebook page

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