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About Danné Mykietyn

Freedom and healing come from the realization that: “It’s not your fault!”; “You’re not a bad kid or troublemaker!”; “Your brain is sick from improper amounts of nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) that are CRITICAL for OPTIMAL brain functioning.

Danné Mykietyn

Holistic Dental Hygienist

An energy healer and medical intuitive, Danné received her degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Washington (1982) and has practiced full time as a clinician, consultant and educator in dentistry for over 38 years. She grew up in the dental business learning the art of dentistry from her father and the compassion and caring for the whole person from her mother. A video by Danné Because the mouth is the “mirror image of the body”, Danné has learned invaluable information from the mouth regarding whole body wellness.

Holistic Dental Hygienist

Danné’s passion for wellness has fueled her study in body and brain health after experiencing her own personal journey with mental health and breast cancer, her daughter’s plight with epilepsy and her son’s addiction to fentanyl.  These pursuits led her across North America to be mentored by some of the world’s leading scientists, researchers and health care professionals in the field of brain health, mental wellness & addictions. 

In 2013, Danné pioneered lab testing for  biochemical individuality in Western Canada by partnering with DHA Laboratories in Chicago.  These specific tests for Whole Blood Histamine and Zinc Plasma and Pyrroluria are still not available in Canada yet are imperative for Brain Health and Mental Wellness.  Danné worked with a local physician that had been trained in these protocols for Advanced Nutrient Therapy to assist clients in their healing journey by decreasing or eliminating their psychiatric drugs and improving their overall functioning with the following conditions:

Depression & Post-Partum Depression
Behavioral Disorders
Alzheimers (dementia)
Eating Disorders
Chronic Pain
Self Directed hormone balancing programs for men & women

Additional Continuing Education Courses:

Mentorship Programs in Brain Health & Mental Wellness  1994-present
Acupressure & Reflexology  2007
Positional Release Technique  2007
Reiki  2020
Expert Channeller – 2020
Toastmasters, Speak Easy course for Public Speaking – 1984 

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