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Spiritual Emergency

This is a term coined by Christina Grof (psychotherapist) and her husband Stan Grof (psychiatrist) that were pioneers of the Transpersonal Psychology movement.

Spiritual Emergency

June 19, 2023

This is a term coined by Christina Grof (psychotherapist) and her husband Stan Grof (psychiatrist) that were pioneers of the Transpersonal Psychology movement. Many people experience non-ordinary states of consciousness that can be accompanied by various emotional, perceptual and psychosomatic manifestations (physical conditions caused by emotional factors). These individuals undergo an evolutionary crisis rather than suffer from a mental disease. These states of consciousness are highly disruptive and occur in an instance in your whole body, mind and soul. They make it almost impossible to do basic life skills such as getting out of bed, taking a shower, or drinking a glass of water. They can be triggered by outside life events such as childbirth, the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship or job, an accident that is life threatening, a diagnosis of a life threatening disease, a near death experience or a kundalini awakening. The difference between a Spiritual Emergency and a Spiritual Awakening is the length of time and intensity of these events. A spiritual emergency is way more intense and shorter in duration than an awakening. Spiritual Awakenings can often occur over a period of years.

These altered states of consciousness can put you in contact with the spirit world, allow you to channel, talk to angels, see visions and auras and have conversations with departed loved ones.  Memories of past lives and ancestors of long ago can be instantly tapped into.  It can place you on a different timeline than your current life, senses can become hyperacute (smell, taste, touch, vision, hearing) and time can feel like it slowed down.  Many people hear voices.  Some of the energies/entities that people encounter at this time can be either positive or negative and may not be pretty.  For a person that is not spiritual, this can be very frightening.   These experiences are very personal and unique however there are some common patterns that are seen throughout the collective that  have gone through these states of being.  This can involve going from one extreme emotion to another within a short period of time ie: happiness to despair.  These intense emotional states can feel like waves of energy buzzing and vibrating all over your body or give you goosebumps as spiritual energies come into your energy field.  You can also have rapid changes in body temperature, or aches and pains throughout your entire physical body.  In an instant we can have rapid access to universal consciousness and receive enormous amounts of information that we have to write down, sometimes for days.  This can become very disruptive as we endlessly write our thoughts and visions which  results in lack of sleep, compounding this condition even more.  We can also become very confused during this process as we loose our sense of what’s real and what is past material from your subconscious that your conscious mind is vomiting out.  It must come to the forefront of your conscious mind in order to be healed.

One can also loose their grasp of reality  which can be referred to as the “GOD SYNDROME”.  The mind of God can drop into your brain and you become “all knowing” and know many truths.  Delusions of grandeur are common and you believe you are Jesus, Buddha or some great spiritual magistrate.  This is what happens when the ego interprets this information from Universal Consciousness.  This phenomenon will quiet down slowly as you start to interpret or understand that this is part of the spiritual emergency.

Western Medicine diagnoses  this altered state of consciousness as a psychosis and the standard of care for these patients will consist of a lifetime of mind altering antipsychotic medications.  According to these psychiatric doctors and nurses, there is no recovery!  Much of the stigma that I have experienced in the realm of Mental Health is concocted by the professionals themselves that often make you feel like “less than” a human being because of your spiritual crisis.  It is also imperative to note that not everyone experiencing a mental disturbance is always experiencing a spiritual emergency.

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