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Mobile Reflexology

Prevent migraines, induce better sleep and assist with physical recovery. Reflexology can also assist with urinary tract conditions and relieve depression, cognitive functioning and pain.

Mobile Quantum Healing (Reiki)

Quantum Healing is a non invasive, ancient form of healing practiced by numerous bodyworkers worldwide that can be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatment.

Nutrient Psychiatry

Your Brain is involved in everything you do; how you think, act, feel and how well you do at school and at work. It impacts how well you get along with other people and on a day to day basis.

About The Owner - Danné Mykietyn

An energy healer and medical intuitive, Danné received her degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Washington (1982) and has practiced full time as a clinician, consultant and educator in dentistry for over 38 years. She grew up in the dental business learning the art of dentistry from her father and the compassion and caring for the whole person from her mother.

Danné Mykietyn, BSc., DH.


I met Danné through her Healing Centre in Rossland, BC in the spring of 2012 and attended Dr. William J. Walsh’s seminar on Nutrient Power in October 2013. As a result of learning this valuable information on my mental well-being, I decided to try the process of testing and working with medical doctors & nutrient coaches/consultants in Nutrient Psychiatry. In very short order, I became a totally different person! My severe mood swings were more manageable and tolerated especially by my inner circle of family and close friends .Funny thing was, I went off all the nutrients a few years ago and boy did my health suffer and go downhill quicker than I ever imagined!!! I realized that my health was on a runaway train going nowhere, so with haste, I went back on the nutrients and to this day, are still on them. These nutrients are so important for overall brain and body self-healing and maintenance. I’m so grateful to Danné and her colleagues for hosting seminars like these that are vital for our health & well-being.
Glenn H., Trail, BC
Testimony of Nutrient Psychiatry
The past few years life has changed for a lot of us, myself a heart attack early 2020, the same time Covid 19 hit. Two months at home, not making a paycheck, bills adding up, vehicle repairs, more debt, uncertain about the future taking its toll. Anxiety was taking control of my everyday life. September 2022, a stress free five day vacation with loved ones was very welcoming! On returning home, the reality hit hard, the anxiety got worse, becoming debilitating at that time. Struggling to get through a work day, not able to tell family or friends about my struggles without breaking down. Chance or Fate, I met Danné with DandiLion Healing from the advertising she had about Mental Wellness on the side of her truck. After a first consultation, a brief questionnaire, I was presented with nutritional supplements to help with the imbalances in my chemistry. Within 2-3 weeks, a definite change occurred with NO SIDE EFFECTS!!! I am thankful for Danné at DandiLion Healing.
Kevin S., Quesnel, BC
Testimony of Nutrient Psychiatry
In 2013, after seeing a poster at a local health food store advertising a Brain Health weekend workshop – ‘Nutrient Power’ by Dr. William Walsh, I signed up right away! Being an RN, with a strong family history of relatives with dementia/Alzheimer’s, I was very interested in his research. By 2015, it came in handy learning of this treatment. My father (80 yrs) was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, he lost his licence, he was getting “lost” going out for a drive or walk, he had trouble to write his name or fill out a personal cheque. We booked an appointment with Danné Mykietyn at DandiLion Wellness in Trail, BC, who sent his blood work to the Chicago Lab. The results showed undermethylation and zinc depletion from kryptopyrrole disorder. We actually took him to Chicago for assessment, where Dr. Judith Bowman and her team worked with us. He was started on a loading dose of zinc picolinate 75 mg daily with vitamin B6 (P5P) for one month then decrease the zinc to 50 mg daily. They then added their proprietary formula of metallothionein nutrient formula to his daily nutrients.
Karen Lees
Testimony of Nutrient Psychiatry

The Patricia Lasca Healing Foundation

Patricia (“Pat“) Mykietyn 1932 – 1992
This non-profit Healing Foundation was conceived in memory of our Mom and Grandmother, Baba Mac, for those challenged with Mental Health issues. Mom was a big part of our lives in her special, thoughtful ways.

The Warrior I See is The Warrior In Me

Who’s that in the mirror
I see, I see
A reflection of me
Could it really be?
Alive and well
It’s me, it’s me!
Are you sure it’s YOU?
That I see, I see?
Who is that stranger that’s looking at me?
I do not know that person I see
But it’s me, it’s ME
That I fondly see
That stranger is ME
I see, I see

She is a WARRIOR
That’s been through TRAUMA
Is that what I see?
No it can’t be, that’s ME!
You can change in an instant
Do tell so I can see
Is the BEST OF ME!
She’s lived through that TRAUMA
Through THICK and through THIN

By: Danné Mykietyn

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